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Flexible Golf Swing Tempo Trainer and Warm-up Stick

Flexible Golf Swing Tempo Trainer and Warm-up Stick

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Imagine you are able to swing your golf clubs Effortlessly with a Tremendous amount of power build-up in the lag you created during the down-swing. 

Our Golf Swing Timing and Tempo Trainer is specially designed to help golfers of different levels to bring their games to the next level.  

This value-priced Golf Swing Timing and Tempo Trainer will benefit you in the following manner:

  • Fine-tune you swing tempo - you'll be away if you are 'hitting' the ball with your hand-club unit or you're swinging across the ball with your hand-club unit. Pro swing across the golf ball with the energy stored in the back-swing and not otherwise.
  • Create lag in your swing - lag in down-swing gives you the momentum and speed you need for a further ball distance.
  • Improve your swing path's accuracy - with the heavy head club like the tempo trainer, it will help you easily identify your swing path. You'll feel the difference with you stay on path versus an inside-out or outside-in swing path change along your down-swing.
  • Build-strength - it's designed for practice swing as well, the heavy-weighted head with helps you to build the right muscles you need for a powerful swing.
  • Perfect Warm-up tool before your round of golf begins - carry this in your golf bag or in your buggy for warm-up anytime at the first Tee, or even at the car-park to give you the first perfect swing of the day!

It comes with two different sizes:

  • Long: 48"  
  • Short: 40" 
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