Two Pieces of Marvelous Luminous Golf Balls for Practice at Night

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  • Diameter: 42.6 +- 0.1mm
  • Compression hardness: 80
  • Hitting times: more than 800 times
  • Material: fluorescent inner shell is surlyn (sarin)
  • Case Color: white
  • Light Color: random selection

Package Includes:

  • 2 pcs night light golf ball

Need to practice your golf shots at night? Get this Marvelous Luminous Golf Ball now, it glows and lights up your shots too!


  • The balls are extremely strong so you don't have to worry about breaking a ball.
  • The total luminousness time is approximately 50 hours, every time it lights up for 8-11 minutes
  • The ball flight forms a beautify arc in the sky at night
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor

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