Smart Double Layer Waterproof Reversible Umbrella

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Why Use Reversible (a.k.a inside out) Umbrella?

The most annoying part of using an umbrella during a rainy day is getting it into your car door without getting all wet. Not to mention if it's pouring heavily and your umbrella is all covered with water.

This is where the idea of investing in the best reversible umbrella comes in. This umbrella form a waterproof cone when closed allowing you to get in and out of your car or doorway without getting wet! It's is very easy and convenient to use than traditional umbrellas.


Product Descriptions:

Featuring a high-density waterproof material outside, this umbrella will keep you dry when you come from the rain with its well-thought-out reverse function. For convenient placement, this best reversible umbrella has the self-standing function which is a great feature when you have no place to prop the umbrella up against. It is well priced with user-friendly features like its easy-to-operate push button design to complement its overall look. In addition, it comes in array of color and prints to choose from including black purple, black orange, black red, black yellow plaid, black blue, black green, black pink, black sky blue and pure black and others with beautiful prints design.


Product Features:

  • Includes C-styled EVA handle. It allows you to cross the handle over your arm to keep your hands free for holding anything you want.
  • Measuring 32.2” by 42.5” in length and in diameter respectively when open, this umbrella is big enough to accommodate at least two people comfortably.
  • Sturdy ribs reinforced by fiberglass material with durable aluminum alloy central rob. The ribs are therefore unbreakable and can withstand very strong winds.
  • Boast the international leading waterproof technology to shelter you from even the heaviest downpour.