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Natural Treatment Acupressure Anti Snore Ring Unisex - 3 Sizes

Natural Treatment Acupressure Anti Snore Ring Unisex - 3 Sizes

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Please check the image on how to obtain the correct size for your ring

  • S : 4.5 cm - 5.1 cm 
  • M: 5.2 cm - 6.0 cm
  • L: 6.0 cm - 8.0 cm 

This Natural Treatment Acupressure Anti Snore Ring is a device design to help to relieve snoring problems in both men and women. This ring uses the ancient Chinese medicine of acupuncture and acupressure, applying pressure on specific points on your pinky (two acupressure points).

This proven ancient theory brings about superior benefits, not only eliminating snoring but also working in harmony with body's biorhythms. It gives you a natural way of getting a great night's sleep.

The Science Behind The Acupressure Anti Snore Ring 

How the Acupressure Anti Snore Ring works is backed up by medical research studies and genuine customers' feedback. Using the principle of acupressure, wearing the ring on your pinky (the location as shown in the picture), promotes the dilation of the breathing areas and thereby removing the primary cause of snoring. The pressure points within the ring are incorporated with 2 magnets which is similar to the magnetic treatment used by the acupuncture practitioners. This magnetized anti-snore ring not only promotes better sleep quality but also could help people with insomnia.

Acupressure Medical philosophy shows a link between acupressure points and sites of a multi-layered and complex nervous system. Neurons from branches of the central nervous system are responsible for the activation of muscles which support the normal upper airway patency. The ulnar nerve, which is directly connected to the little finger, is easily activated by pressure. This nerve belongs to the peripheral nervous system, and its main function is to connect the central nervous system to the limbs and organs of the body.

Medical experts have verified that magnet worn on the skin can change the way the blood flows through the body. This Anti Snore Ring just like the human body, has electromagnetic qualities. The ionic forces have the power to change the energy level and the flow of blood. Studies have shown that magnetic metal has a strong healing effect. It is used to heal muscles, joints, and bones. Although the device is not used as a main medical treatment or device, it's a great holistic alternative that has the power to balance our body and the way that we take in oxygen. 

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