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Natural Tibetan Black Quartz Healing and Protection Bracelet for Women

Natural Tibetan Black Quartz Healing and Protection Bracelet for Women

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Say Hi to your New Healer and Protector!

The Tibetan-Black-Quartz is among the most powerful protection crystal on Earth!

The Tibetan-Black-Quartz mainly be found in the Himalayan Mountains in Tibet. It’s considered one of the most sacred locations in the world. Any crystal that comes from such a holy or spiritual place will have very high vibrations!

It is said that because of the high altitudes, only Tibetan monks are able to mine for these crystals using their hands because the mountains are not easily accessible by machinery!

This Tibetan-Black-Quartz Healing and Protection bracelet will protect or defend you from any kind of psychic attack, and it will keep you away from harm on both a physical and psychic level. The healing energies of this Tibetan-Black-Quartz bracelet will cleanse and purify you, as well as the environment you are in. It will remove the harmful negative energies and replace them with more positive ones.

This Tibetan-Black-Quartz Healing and Protection bracelet not only make you look great, but it will also give you support when you're experiencing change or going through something that fills you with fear, uncertainty, or worry. It will infuse you with courage and confidence so that you can successfully overcome it.

When you attune to the energies of this Tibetan-Black-Quartz Healing and Protection bracelet, you will be able to center your energies and surround yourself with positive vibrations of light and love.

Product Details:

  • Material: Natural Tibetan-Black-Quartz Crystal
  • Length: 65cm
  • Bracelet Type: Strand Bracelet
  • Size of Bead: 6mm
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