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Magnetic Therapy Magnet Insoles for Men and Women

Magnetic Therapy Magnet Insoles for Men and Women

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Re-energize tired aching feet with our Shiatsu Acupressure Insoles!

Harnessing the ancient wisdom in healthcare, the insoles are designed based on the Shiatsu Massage Principle. With the shiatsu massage nodes cover the face of these shoe inserts to provide a soothing shiatsu massage to your tired feet as you walk. Get the arch support you need from these innovative shoe inserts, while magnets and acupressure nodes stimulate nerve endings for an invigorating result!

"Shiatsu" Acupressure Insoles are great for those of us who spend a lot of time on our feet! Whether you're working or playing, great foot support is priceless! 

The ancient practices of Acupressure, Reflexology and Magnet Therapy combine in our popular Massaging Insoles to activate nerve endings, massage sore feet, and provide ventilation. Simply by walking you will be helping your feet and your whole body! While the acupressure nodes of these shoe insoles massage your feet as you walk, specially positioned magnets that are set into the face of the sandals improve health through magnet therapy. Plus, these inserts will allow your feet to breathe, holes across the inserts allow for great ventilation. Allowing air to pass through, these holes will keep your feet dry and healthy!

Dozens of small nodules apply light pressure to vital acupressure points on the soles of the feet, these acupressure points directly correspond to different areas of your body. Through light pressure and the friction of walking, you will actually activate these nerve endings and send healing relief throughout your body. 

Improve circulation and promote peaceful relaxation for your whole body.

The Acupressure Shoe Inserts are highly recommended for people on their feet all day and are a great addition to almost every type of shoe. 

Your feet will thank you!

Size: These inserts are one size fits all. The original size is USA Men's 10 (43cm). You will be able to determine the appropriate size to fit your feet by using the sizing lines on the bottom side of the inserts. Once you determine your size, you can simply use scissors to cut along the guided lines to match your foot's size!

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