Gyroscope Rotor Power Ball Exerciser

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Product Descriptions

This Rotor Power Ball is a fantastic exercise device that targets specific areas of the muscles in the hands, wrists, and forearms that typical weight training does not. 

Don't let the size and weight of this Power Ball fool you, at speed, the eight-ounce rotor (Gyroscope) can easily feel like a 15 to 20-pound dumbbell with the build up angular momentum. 

Once the Rotor Power Ball gets going, the rotor will spin quite quickly, once the rotor started and to increase the speed of the Power Ball, rock or rotate your wrist to force the rotor to spin on it secondary axis. You will feel the resistance of the rotor increase or decrease as it speeds up or slowdowns.

Try feeling for a natural rhythm of the Rotor Power Ball and you should feel each rotation adding a little bit more to the resistance as you increase the speed.

When you are in sync with the  Rotor Power Ball, the resistance will pick up and will be noticeable. The Rotor Power Ball's convenient form-factor means you can take it anywhere, use it while jogging, use it while at home or in the office. The Rotor Power Ball isn't' just an exercise tool for your hand, wrist, and forearm but the perfect complement for your entire upper body workout routine.

The Rotor Power Ball can be a tremendous help for those with wrist and forearm injuries and those with carpal tunnel syndrome. Regular use of the Rotor Power Ball helps to build stronger muscles and tendons improves blood flow to the upper extremities and put the wrist through a full range of natural motions to promote healthy hands, wrists, and forearms. 

Improved blood flow can help prevent joint and muscle inflammations that cause the pinching of the nerves in the carpal tunnel area thus reducing the chance of carpal tunnel syndrome from repetitive stress. Zero to low impact exercise with the Rotor Power Ball can help strengthen the muscles in the wrist and forearm to speed the recovery from a painful, debilitating problem like tendonitis in the wrist and elbow joints and carpal tunnel syndrome.

And the best part about the Rotor Power Ball is that you can use this small device from the conform of your dest at the office, or on the couch at home for just several minutes a day, it's that easy.


"I've been pitching for years now, and it's difficult to find a device to help me strengthen my wrist, which is essential for controlling my pitches. When I came across the Rotor Power Ball, I became an instant fan. The Power Ball really builds muscles for finer control, with a stronger grip, the command of my pitches has improved. And because I use the Rotor Power Ball regularly, I recover quicker between my starts, I believe this is a terrific device and I recommend to all pitchers, amateur, and pro as an essential part of their workout routine. " - Testimonial of a renowned baseball professional

"As a former WTA pro, I can attest to the necessity of having strong wrists and forearms, this Power Ball can help tremendously in building those muscle and strengthen the tendons in the wrist area. Stronger wrist benefits my forehand, backhand, and serve as it helps to create more velocity through action in the wrist. Stronger grip through the use of the Rotor Power Ball provides better control over the spin of the tennis ball, better command helps with better placement of the ball, I really love this device and feel that it should be part of any tennis players workout routine. It can definitely improve your game." - Testimonial of a professional tennis player.

"I am big on exercise and I'd like to stay it's an important part of my everyday routine, but I also have a social life and I like to hang out with friends. This Power Ball is a cool, fun device that my friends and I use to compete with each other when we have a free minute from our school work. The spinner is a great device for working out and for just having fun." - Testimonial of a satisfied user.

Product Specifications

  • Size: 7.5cm x 6cm.
  • Material: Plastic

How to start and use a Rotor Power Ball.