Flexible Ankle Brace for Sports Protection

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Fully adjustable design provides the custom fit on any size of the ankle,  adjustable compression depending on the needs.



It is made of soft fabric with strong permeability, making it breathable for the skin and not feeling too warm. Suitable for all kind of physical fitness and it does not impede wearing shoes and socks.


Relieve Stress and Pain in Ankle

Improve blood circulation and relieve pain in the ankle. The extended high above the ankle provides additional stability when walking. Suitable for the senior citizen with walking stability issues.

Injury Protection

For active sports personnel, this ankle brace provides additional protection from injury to the ankle when carrying out the sports activity such as joking, jumping and etc.


Product Specification:

Material: Neoprene

Package Size: 20cm x 38cm

Package include: 1 x Ankle Brace

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