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Fashionable Bio-Energy Magnetic CI Series Therapy Necklace (8510-CI)

Fashionable Bio-Energy Magnetic CI Series Therapy Necklace (8510-CI)

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Product Specifications:

  • Style: Classic 
  • Necklace Type: Chain Necklace 
  • Chain Type: Link Chain  
  • Length: 18 inches  
  • Shape / Pattern: Round  
  • Material Type: Magnetic  
  • Material: Magnetic Hematite  
  • Color: Black

Important of Magnets – The Earth is essentially one large magnet, surrounded by a large magnetic field. The Earth’s magnetic field protects us from radiation and is essential to healthy cell regeneration. However, modern technology and lifestyle shield us from the Earth’s natural magnetic field. The precise mechanism of action of magnetic energy on the human body is unknown, although numerous theories exist. Clinical studies have indicated that magnets hold promise in the development of new, scientific approaches to many of the challenges of modern life.

Magnetic Equalizing Technology is a principle based on the fact that human contact with Earth's magnetic field has been disrupted and attenuated by the artifacts of modern civilization. This technology seeks to counterbalance that effect, and produce an environment that more closely corresponds to the natural magnetic field that had surrounded humans for millennia. 
The use of magnetic therapy can be traced back for hundreds of years, assisting in the alleviation of arthritic pain, reducing inflammation, and improving blood circulation. 
It is also used to assist in the reduction of stress, anxiety, fatigue, reducing post-injury swelling and insomnia.

The Bio-Energy Magnetic Therapy combined and leverage the natural power from the magnets in a unique design, allowing you to passively receive benefits from them throughout the day.

Given the unique design, Bio-Energy Magnetic Therapy stimulates beneficial magnetic energy over a large surface area to improve blood circulation and decrease muscle discomfort often caused by lactic acid. By simply wearing one of the stylish popular products, you too can experience the benefit and relief of muscular tension throughout your body

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