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Serenity Lava Stone Bracelet

Serenity Lava Stone Bracelet

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The perfect combination of Lava Stone and White Howlite stone.

White Howlite stone is always associate with the calmness, peacefulness, and serenity. The White Howlite stones give you a sense of tranquility from the innermost of you. 

It is believed that the combination of Lava Stone and White Howlite Stone bracelet helps in the following aspects:-

  • Aid in better and deeper sleeping
  • Calm overactive mind
  • Relieve stress
  • Dream retention
  • Dispel negative energies such as anger, anxiety, and worries. 
  • Enhance self-awareness

The strong magnetic field coming from the magma which forged from millions of years when the planet was created help to re-energize and strengthen the body. This natural magnetism will positively influence your life and together with the White Howlite stones which can counter bad energies and induce peacefulness, this bracelet allows you to receive all good energies from the mother nature passively throughout the day.

Material: Lava Stones, White Howlite

Length: approximate 18.5cm 

Bead: 8mm

Weight: 30g

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