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Aqua Pillow 50*70cm Medi Fow Waterbase OrthopedicTherapy Pillow (ESKY-AP-01)

Aqua Pillow 50*70cm Medi Fow Waterbase OrthopedicTherapy Pillow (ESKY-AP-01)

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Having a good pillow as we all know is essential in avoiding the stiff neck syndrome  (same as having a good mattress). 

This water-based pillow (better known as Aqua Pillow) combines the comfort of the traditional pillow with therapeutic foam and water. This water filled pillow is designed to not only relieve pain but correct the cause of pain and then maintain the positive effects.

You can adjust the firmness by the volume of the filled water. You can modify your level of comfort whenever you desire.

The unique structure of Aqua Pillow

The Aqua Pillow is engineered with three special layers to keep you healthy.

  • The Comfort Layer which provides exceptional cushioning softness to support the neck.
  • The Thermal Insulator Layer is a layer on the outer side of the Water Envelope which acts as an insulator to maintain a consistent temperature in the pillow.
  • The Water Envelope Layer which is flexible in adjusting itself to provide the support where you need it most.

Benefits of Aqua Pillow

  • Protect & adjust neck bones' physical angle
  • Relieve heat for physical and emotional refreshment and rejuvenation (fill the pillow envelope with cool water)
  • Relieve tiredness, pain and stiffness
  • Improve breathing ability to reduce snoring
  • Promote good sleeping quality

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