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What Is Magnetic Therapy?

Magnetic Therapy has been used since ancient times. Treatment using magnets for pain relief and swelling can be traced back as far as 2000 B.C. by the Chinese, Mayans, and Aztecs.

Did the Rat Die? - according to Mercola

A new study conducted by the researchers from the University of Virginia has found that Magnetic Therapy can reduce swelling when applied immediately after an inflammatory injury.

The researchers placed magnets of 70 milliTesla (mT) field strength, which is about 10 times the strength of the common refrigerator magnet, near rats' blood vessels and found that they dilated constricted blood vessels and constricted vessels that were dilated. The results suggested that the magnetic field could relax blood vessels and increase blood flow

In the more recent study, the researchers used magnets on rats' paws that had been treated with inflammatory agents to stimulate tissue injury. Interestingly, they found that the magnets significantly reduce swelling in the rats' paws by up to 50 percent when applied immediately after the injury.

Dilation of blood vessels is a major cause of swelling, and it's thought that the magnets worked by limiting the blood flow.

Muscle bruising and joint sprains are the most common injuries worldwide, and since injuries that don’t swell heal faster, the magnet therapy could have widespread applications.

The researchers envisioned using magnets in place of ice packs and compression to treat injuries in high school, college, and professional sports teams, as well as among retirement communities.


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