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Stylish Bio-Energy Magnetic Therapy Bracelet G4 Series For Men (SBRM014)

Stylish Bio-Energy Magnetic Therapy Bracelet G4 Series For Men (SBRM014)

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Product Specifications:

This is a black plated stainless steel magnetic bracelet. It has a black plated design and lined with a gold trim. It weighs approximately 50g and is about 1/2" wide. This magnetic therapy bracelet has a combination of four powerful types of natural therapy element:

  • 1500 - 1800 gauss neodymium magnet (silver)
  • Germanium stone (black)
  • Far Infrared stone (red)
  • Negative Ion stone (white)

The length of this bracelet is 8.5" long (21.0cm). Each of our magnetic link bracelets includes a sizing adjustment tool which will allow you to resize the bracelet to be your perfect fit! The resizing process is very easy and should take less than 5 minutes

    Product Descriptions:

    Blending elegance with strength, we proudly to present this stylish Healthy Bio-energy Magnetic Therapy Bracelet. A combination of high-tech style, comfort, and health. The bracelet is handcrafted with biomedical grade stainless steel which is durable and will not tarnish. It is made with permanent neodymium magnets, which means the magnets will not lose their strength over time and makes a big difference when selecting a magnetic bracelet. 

    This stylish magnetic therapy bracelet will make you look great with its design and feel better from the powerful benefits of magnetic therapy. You won't want to leave home without it!

    The Bio-Energy Magnetic Therapy Bracelet combined and leverage the natural power from the magnets, negative ions and Germanium’s characteristic in a unique design, allowing you to passively receive benefits from them throughout the day.


    Why Should You Have It?

    This marvelous and visually elegant designed bracelet makes you look great and trendy.

    Besides, you can enjoy the magnetic therapy benefits, as a bonus.


    Benefits of Magnetic Therapy

    Relieve Pains

    Magnetism helps to reduce lactic acid and calcium deposition which can cause pain in the joints and other parts of the body. It helps in reducing pains caused by arthritis, sciatica, sports post injuries and etc.


    Reduce Inflammation

    Magnetic bracelets can improve blood circulation in inflamed areas to make them heal more quickly. Better blood circulation reduces redness and swelling as well as pains and stiffness.


    Promote Relaxation

    Magnetic waves when passing through the soft tissues can help lengthening and relaxing them. Keeping your body in the healthiest state creates an overall feeling of relaxation. 


    Better Sleep Quality

    Magnetic waves improve the melatonin production in your body, which is a hormone that regulates your sleep patterns. Magnetic bracelets are a natural way to help you fall asleep more quickly after getting in bed.


    Speedy Removal of Toxins

    Improved blood circulation speed up the removal of toxins from your body and keeps your body healthy.


    Testimonials from customers who have experienced the benefits of our Magnetic Therapy Bracelets.

    Customer's Review

    What If It Doesn’t Work For You?

    It’s a fact that magnetic therapy might not work for everyone. Too bad if it doesn’t work for you!

    But we believe you’ll still look awesome when wearing it.

    However, if you insist to return it, send it back to us within 15 days after receiving it.

    We’ll refund you the FULL amount.

    But before that,  hear what they said about this bracelet (at the bottom of this page)



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    Note: Be sure to use them as supplementary therapy, rather than a replacement for actual therapy.

    Warning: If you use an electronic medical device such as a pacemaker or have a magnetically sensitive surgical implant, do not wear this product. Do not place in direct contact with magnetically sensitive items, such as credit cards, portable electronic equipment, etc

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