The Jade Derma Roller - A Better Skin Care Routine

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Jade rollers may seem like a new beauty sensation to most, but the truth is that they have actually been around since at least the 7th century. It was considered as one of the favorite tools of the royal and elite women in China. The Jade gemstone naturally transmits infrared rays which can cause a warming sensation on your face and increases the blood circulation.Jade Roller Better Skincare

At several points in Chinese history, jade was considered much more valuable than gold, as a result, jade accessories were seen as a status symbol amongst its society’s women. Jade rollers were undoubtedly one of the most privileged accessories of the ancient empresses in their quest for smooth, youthful facial appearance.

Why use a jade derma roller?

The jade roller is also used as a cleansing stone in Chinese traditional medicine. For centuries it has been said to have aided an individual’s body filtration organs and lymph systems to detoxify toxins. The original roller was designed to use around an individual’s face and neck regions in order to aid in lymph drainage and blood flow. But of course, it aids in eradicating your faces puffiness, while toning up your facial muscles and unbelievably plumping out your wrinkles. You will as well find that regular usage of the jade derma roller minimizes spots around your chin and jawline which are caused by toxin build-ups. It is considered as one of the only gemstones that remain cool when applied to the skin; as a result, it can offer you an instant relief to your inflamed patches or sensitive areas on your face.

The tender rolling motion and the pressure of the stone are a great natural method to achieve anti-aging results, such as flattening fine lines and wrinkles on your face, not to forget to aid lymphatic drainage which is a massage technique that gets rid of your body’s fluid retention. As a result of regular use, it will help you prevent imperfections and ease facial puffiness. 

Benefits of Jade derma rollers:

  • Aid in detoxification by strengthening an individual’s body filtration and cleansing system
  • Ease sinus pain and headaches
  • Relieve facial puffiness and tone facial muscles 
  • Improve lymphatic drainage which will help with detoxing the body
  • Stimulate Qi of which the Chinese call the “life force”

As with any good facial treatment at a spa, you will undoubtedly feel less tense and your skin will look much more radiant and flawless by the time you are done.

How do you use a Jade derma roller?

Softly push the jade roller along your face in an upwards and outwards motion, beginning with one side of your face for a few minutes, then moving to the other side. If you intend to improve lymphatic drainage, concentrate on significant areas of your body such as the neck, jawline and under eye areas while applying slightly more pressure to the roller.

For eloquent results, use the jade roller in the morning and evening soon after you have applied a face moisturizer, as the rolling pressure will help your skin absorb the moisturizer.

Jade Roller Instructions

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